Kimono Rental/half day

Tomesode $200

Houmongi $100


Washable kimono$70

Haori  $10

What's included

・Kimono dressing service

・Obi belts

・Zori sandles

・Tabi socks

・Bag and accessories

 What's  not included

・Hair & Make up 

※$20 discount if you don't need  dressing service

Yukata Rental/half day

Yukata $50

Men's Yukata $30

What's included

Yukata dressing service

・Obi belts

・Geta sandles

・Bag and acessories

Not included in men's yukata

 What's  not included

・Hair & Make up 

※$20 discount if you don't need  dressing service

Location photo shoot


Location photo shoot in Balboa Park $50

What's included

・Photo data( 100 cuts  guaranteed or more)

※All data edited and delivered online


Japanese Cooking/2 hours

   Japanese Cooking $40(1~6P)

・Hand-rolled sushi



What's included

We go shopping , cook and eat together.

 What's  not included

Participants pay for food (Ingredient)expenses.

 Calligraphy/1 hour

One time trial $25

Monthly fee $80/4 times a month

What's included


Calligraphy set (brush, inkstone,  paperweight, Hanshi,underlay) 

Instruction is tailored to the level of the individual.

Festival Set Rental /1 day

Japanese festival game set  $50

What's included

・Goldfish scooping

・Yo-yo fishing

・Ring toss

・Target shooting

・Snack fishing

・Venue Setup

 What's  not included

・Yo-yo balloons  $1× quantity


Student Discounts 20%OFF(Student ID required)

Order Form

Payment Method

Credit card/ Bank transfer

PayPal  /  Venmo  /    Wise/ Cash 

Delivery date

The earliest possible date is the next day, including the day of application. 

※Depends on the area and time of application.

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